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We are updating the pricing for our FTP Storage Containers. The information shared here is intended to define the new pricing and clarify our terms to ensure transparency.

Get more pay less v2-01

The price of FTP Storage (billed monthly) will drop from $0.28/GB to $0.10/GB for all storage under your FTP Storage account. Also, the existing free storage of 1 GB per account will no longer be available. This means customers may receive a charge where previously the account was free. To avoid this charge please ensure we are contacted before 28th February '21.

How this affects existing users?

The updated pricing will take effect on 1st March 20‍21. If any customer continues to use our storage container service on or after 1st March 20‍21, is agreeing to the updated pricing. If a customer does not agree, they can choose to close their FTP storage account before these terms become effective.


To discontinue vGRID FTP Storage Container service, click here!